So, it's emerging that healthy, non-autistic, uncancerous, immune-strengthened babies can be had, even in the "developed" world, if one just pays a little attention--or a lot of attention; i mean, after all, you are making a person here--to "Prenatal training."

People happily pay upwards of $10,000 for instruction on how to do all this, using multiple approaches, outlined below.

== Steps ==

#Listen to 432 hz music, especially while pregnant. 440hz music is easier for computers, but it is discordant, every note is bent, and your baby can tell.

#Drink structured water. Buy the plastic bottle with the orbital magnets to make it. There is a link to the bottle at the bottom of this page, along with an explanation

#Reading out loud while pregnant. Native, but also in a foreign language, the most obvious one for the region, perhaps, in other words maybe Spanish if you live in the Southern US, or Italian if you live in the French Alps, like that.

#Doing some kind of weird creative stuff with one hand. Because that hand--the right, for the left~brain creative side?--controls certain functions, creativity, etc., spatial cognizance; just, like, making little art constructions with lots of colors and shapes, beans and macaroni or whatever.

#Reading a foreign language out loud, part 2. Hebrew is recommended, just say the letters out loud, learn how to say them right, as best you can. There's even a site with audio clips of each letter, i'll dig it up when i can. Hebrew letters, when spoken, have been shown to shape the corresponding Hebrew letter in sand, which your language cannot do. It's a manifestation thing, it just is, doesn't matter if you are religious or not.

#And of course it should go without saying. No going and earning money while pregnant, or even prolly 6 months before...and 5 years after, Its a baby, ok, it needs its mommy. All of the time, at first...anyway, anything is likely better than nothing here--it should go without saying too, though, no grocery store food, and if you are planning on formula-feeding, don't even bother reading this ok. But then if that is you, i didn't give you this link, anyway.

#Don't be taking any vitamins, whatsoever, yikes. Go to a local farm stand, and eat local food, and get your vitamins from real food. AA eggs. From chickens on grass. And don't be accepting any substitutes; unless you want a substitute baby, ok. Raw local honey; your liver will thank you. Take some before bed, every night. Know your supplier; "Raw Local Honey" on Michigan is mostly crap, because they just feed the bees sugar-water, at least most of the year, whereas Raw Local Honey in the South--Florida being primo--is much more likely to be from actual nectar, and you will even learn to discern by sight and texture and taste, eventually. Raw Local Honey is seasonal, in many places, so buy it seasonally, in three or five gallon buckets, which are much less apt to crystallize, and are much cheaper, being "bulk." Verify that you are not getting dressed up sugar water. Prefer purchases from Anarchists, like Amish or other Anabaptist types, and go with your gut. If anything seems off to you, go somewhere else. Craigslist is your best friend here.

Folic acid. Pregnant women are of course given folic acid like right away, right? Because it is crap, the synthetic form of folate, which is what your body wants, read this to figure that out

You should strenuously avoid the following, at least while pregnant, and preferable for the rest of your life (you may google any of them to discover why): Hydrogenated or Fractionated Oils, Corn, Potassium and Sodium Benzoates, Refined White Sugar, Artificial or "Natural" Coloring or Flavoring, Canola Oil, "Enriched Wheat" ("enriched" Anything), Polysorbate 60 and 80, Unfermented Soy in any form, including Soy Lecithin, HFCS, CAFO, Acesulfame K, Aspartame, Propyl Gallate, BHA and BHT, Potassium Sorbate, and Sucralose. At a ''minimum''.

#Get out in the dirt, barefoot, often. Let your skin touch the earth; a lot. the earth resonates at a frequency, 6-8hz, that you cannot feel, but your baby can.

#If you have a baby with a doctor. You are going to get an immune-compromised, possibly autistic or autism- spectrumized baby, because that is what doctors are for, ok? Beans and rice. There's like 30 vaccines that doctor is just ''dying'' to give your baby, ok, that your baby is not going to need, because it is going to actually ''have'' an immune system. Meanwhile, autism is climbing at an alarming rate, and gee no one can figure out why, huh.

#Ok, and ostensibly it goes without saying. That most of you, most people, are buying food at the grocery store, and looking for food on sale, CAFO meat on sale, right, oranges from Argentina or where tf ever, etc. And paying like $1200 a month or whatever for "health" insurance, with a huge deductible. Why not do yourself a favor, and drop the insurance, entirely, and spend the money on nutritious food, grown in your local soil, whenever possible?

#A real chicken should run you $20-$30. A 6-8 pounder will, find 'em on CL or wherever, the ''local'' organic food place--which we used to just call that "food," but now they call it "organic food," and don't be fooled by the term "organic" in the grocery store, that's crap, ok, like everything else in there. And go look at the place where the chicken comes from, go verify that the chicken is on grass, pecking around in a garden or whatever, doing what chickens are s'posed to be doing.

#And if that chicken is coming from even 100 miles away. Find a better source, closer to the land ''you'' live on. Because you can extend the lesson of "local honey"--which btw means real, ''raw'' honey, not the yack in the grocery store--to everything else you eat. It should be local. Every locality has some kind of fruit, in season, and Anarchists willing to sell you real protein, ok. Another big signal is that if you have to pay any "tax" on your trade/purchase (prefer the former, if you can), you need to find a better supply.

#And if the price on that chicken you found drops. Stop buying it, if it suddenly gets cheaper, which i know is counter-intuitive to you, alright. But you came and asked me how i am doing what i am doing. So, at least until you pay them another visit--the farm where the chickens are, that is--to see what's what, maybe buy that one, but time to go see again. And visit them once a year, regardless. And eat the cartilage around the bones, the parts you're spitting out now? Ya, you need those. And avoid the fat, and the skin, which holds a lot of fat under it, unless you crisp it or scrape the fat off, then eat the skin, too. But avoid animal fat.

#Eat good fats, which Canola is not. Do you even know what a "canola" is? No, you don't, because no such thing exists. It is a laboratory word, and you are eating Franken-oil, ok, "rapeseed" oil, which is good stuff--organic, cold-pressed rapeseed oil. What they sell you in the store is GMOed, heated and hexane-extracted, hydrogenized crap, ok. If you want rapeseed oil--which you should only need for deep frying something--which you should do sparingly anyway--or maybe salad dressing--get cold-pressed, organic, rapeseed oil; good stuff.

Use coconut oil for almost everything else; it even comes in refined now, no coco taste. Unless you use real olive oil, sparingly (high in Omega 6)--which, who can even ''get'' that anymore, right--or some other nut oil or whatever. Avoid peanut oil for deep frying, you are swimming in an overload of Omega 6 already, ok.

#  Find good, natural, sources of Omega 3. At first, until you find your own sources, go with "Dave's Killer bread," "Organic Steel Cut Oats, with Chia, Flaxseed, and Rye Flakes" (there's only one brand, Homestat Farm, don't think "oatmeal," this stuff is actually edible, 20 minute prep, and "Certified Organic Brown and Red Rice, with Chia and Kale," and close relatives, "Quinoa with Brown Rice and Garlic," etc, these are cheats, ok, they take 90 seconds to prep (again, only one brand, i guess or the similar products from that different company. Those and some salmon, preferably wild caught, but farmed is ok in a pinch, will get you started on healthy sources of Omega3--which btw your body deems essential for the formation of healthy cell walls, and which you aren't getting any of right now, because that's the non-inflammatory oil, the one that goes rancid first, and so it is stripped out of all of our CAFO protein, our hereditary supply, now.

#  More about eggs. The AA eggs (AA, A, and B are just quality categories) are the best eggs, and while any egg might be up to 60 days old, or even older, by the time you eat it, no big problem, you obviously should prefer 1 or 2 day old eggs, from chickens you can see on grass, and unwashed, brushed off only, and don't refrigerate them, it is not necessary. The chicken coats the egg when it is laid, only in America, we wash off that coating, so now the egg must be refrigerated. It is against the law in most of Europe to wash eggs for sale.

#  Beans are better for you. Of course, you might not like beans; but that prolly just means you are not doing it right. You can't go wrong with enough pork in any pot of beans, ok. Way good for you, too. You may have gotten this link because you tried some of my beans? All i did was throw a ham hock in there, ok. Some other minor stuff. Season to taste. Mine had a little molasses, a lemon, slat and pepper, a little liquid smoke, a little Worchester sauce, and a little what ever you feel like, with some onions and garlic. So, just about everything i eat is on this page, ok? I always have a pot of beans on, unless there are a bunch of people around, there to come eat my beans, like you were. That whole big pot cost me like $10 ok. And they keep you full longer.

And yes, beans flavored without pork fat are surely better for you, but i don't know how to do that, sorry, and i like tasty beans. Chances are, you have not had any of my lima beans yet, because my family prohibits me from sharing them much. Lima beans, ok. I hate lima beans. Anyone else's anyway. At least unless they are prolly black, and fat. I would be black, and fat, too, except i am white, and skinny, and old, but i run uphill, that's all.

#  Gut check. We prolly already talked about this one, and you certainly should prefer to not get pregnant while Candida compromised, ok? That is why pregnant women get told "no cheese," which is crap, just get rid of the candida, and eat cheese in moderation. You will prolly find you are not craving cheese anyway, but you might, and if you do, your body is wanting calcium, which you get from dark leafy greens, the kind wilted in the pot next to the beans. Get a recipe for how to wilt greens online, it's easy. Cornbread in moderation only, because to your body that is just feeding the Candida.

#  Three day fast. The best and quickest way to break the Candida cycle, which must have regular shots of sugar to survive, is a 72 hour fast, with morning cleanses of a quart of structured water, with a lemon and some chili powder in it. Drink it down as quick as possible, then head for the bathroom, and voila. On day four, eat lots of probiotic stuff, fermented, pickled anything, Kombucha tea, greens, and veggies, light breakfast, you will fill up fast, so a little steel cut oatmeal and an egg or two, and a slice of Dave's Killer toast.

#  You have eradicated the sugar monster. And your cravings for sugar will be gone, but you will still have the bad habits that caused the Candida overgrowth in the first place, and do you want to have to fast again, for three days, to start over? Prolly not. So, notice now that a meal fills you up longer, and you are actually absorbing some nutrition now, so at all costs avoid empty carbs now, which your gut will thank you. you can eat some Cheetos or whatever, with a sandwich made from Dave's Killer, if you really want them; but try not to want them. Find better substitutes. Yes, they will cost more money, but you are saving all that money on "health" insurance now, so don't look at the prices, buy what you want to eat. don't ever buy CAFO meat on sale again. You protein should be local, grass fed--even though grain finished is ok--and it should only have "one bad day." Best of luck, and come on over for some beans whenever you like, and ask questions then.

*Allopathic Doctor warning: Run, run as fast as you can from that Allopathic Clown, and find yourself a good Midwife. "Dead doctors don't lie," mmmkay. They promote autism and cancer, because job security  (the number of vaccines has risen alarmingly now, most containing highly toxic stuff). A caduceus is, literally, a "Snake on a pole."

Yes, we know some good~hearted doctors, too; but they are focused on symptom relief, like they are trained to do, and all of the ones who wanted to focus on cause relief get drummed out in Med 101 ok, the first year. Go ask your good~hearted doctor. He knows less than zero about nutrition, ok.

Watch this, and then toss all those cleaners--if you care at all about your baby--and go get some vinegar, and some baking soda, and some hydrogen peroxide. This video is also a chemical primer, goes into atrazine, and other things that you may not be aware of but should pay attention to.