Physician? Heal thyself! Here are some cheats to get you started. Be careful with these first three, ok? They are potent medicine, made to correct your criminally deficient Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, and you need to start slow until your body adjusts. If you don't sleep for 3 days, ease up a little. Start with early morning and lunch doses only.Omega 3, as well as being the anti-inflammatory oil, is going to cure a lot of your ills. That sinus thing, that everyone has, where you can only breathe through one nostril, and whichever side is "up" on your pillow is the clear side? Ya, that will be gone, in a couple months, ok. A lot of other things will, too, after your Candida growth has been addressed--you getting infections, ear infections, UTIs, yeast infections? IBS? Worse? Cuz that's where those go, ok? So, after you have cleansed or fasted the Candida out, and repopulated your gut with probiotics, these two things alone will do much to get you back right. We are going to be branding here, for now, because there are no substitutes for these, that we know of. Later additions will be more generic. We'll start with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

# Steel cut oats and chia.

This is not oatmeal, yuck. This is the most potent of the three, so take the most care.

# Killer bread.

Several varieties. Accept no substitutes. Well, all the others seem to be cardboard, anyway?

# Rice, with various additions.

This company has other varieties, also. 90 second prep. Do not be eating this for dinner, at first, if you want to sleep at night. What are you putting your beans over?

So, even one serving of any one of these in a day is a dose, and you should be able to get up to three doses or more a day within a short period of time (depending upon your BMI, the higher the number, the more O3 you can handle; high BMIs should begin with two doses).<BR><BR>Do this, or an analogue, every day that you can, for the rest of your life, if you expect to regenerate cells with nice, pliable, breathable cell walls, freeing up your mitochondria (engines) okay? Omega 3 is literally elixir for your body right now, which is why you are getting heart flutters. Keep your dosage right at the line where the flutters start.

#  Check your species.

Much marketing has been done to convince you that you are a single individual, separate from the rest of the Universe, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your DNA is only one set of 500 or so in a poor gut, and up to 1500 or so in a healthy one (the number of species in a critically poor, advanced Crohn's gut has plummeted). And these species are common to everyone, although with regional variances, such that a nation far enough away from you geographically would have some quite foreign bacteria from yours. It is a literal, living web, passed from person to person, that is instrumental in herd immunity; or detrimental to it

If your Omega 3 to 6 ratio is critically skewed, inhibiting healthy new cell formation, and you have allowed Candida to overgrow your gut bacteria, well, there simply is no better way to deal your self a big double whammy. You are attacking your immune system, and driving out your best friends, who make up 99.9% of all the DNA in you, and you are choking your own cells to death (where all of the DNA is not "you," either) in the process.

So, you have to get your gut bacteria where you need them. And a great analogy is a patch of crabgrass. It odes no good to toss St Augustine on the patch of crabgrass; you have to get rid of the established crabgrass first. So do either a Candida flush--which is a pain and doesn't work, at least not all the way, the first time, usually--or suck it up and do a 3 day fast, with a lemon chili quart of water in the morning to flush. No probiotics right now. Eat some pure protein if you just can't stand it, but nothing is better. This starves out the Candida.

The fourth day, start with a medium roughage breakfast, something cardboardy, but you don't have to keep eating it, just for the next few days, week or so, until your St Augustine gets growing. Although increase roughage in general is a much better idea, anyway. We'll get into that later. Don't overdue the roughage on the first morning. Put some good fat with it, a tablespoon of coconut oil is ideal, butterfat a much decayed second (homogenization), and keep getting a tablespoon of coconut oil every day. There really is no substitute, so make it a staple for at least the next two weeks, preferably forever. Use refined if you don't want coco taste; if you have to.

You can start introducing probiotics on day two or three of eating again, adjust for your conditions. And believe us, there are going to be conditions, ok. Feel free to slow down or speed up according to your experience may vary. Stuff is going to be going on, gut-wise and otherwise. A bad neighbor is moving out, and a bunch of good ones are moving in, but it is a messy turnover. You are prolly not going to sleep for a couple or several days at one point, but you are going to be jazzed, so you won't care. If you're not sleepy, don't sleep. Rest.

Go burn off some speed, and you will sleep at night. Beware late night work-outs though, as they whack your clock. Better to exercise after sleeping. Do something you enjoy, even if its cleaning house. Which sounds weird, but you are going to be running around like a speed freak for a month or so, at least if you are doing this right, ok? You'll settle down. Well, you are going to be bouncing out of bed now, in a year, anyway, and prolly much sooner than that. Your cells, it is said, take about 7 years to completely regenerate.

You cannot do two single better things for yourself, if you are a typical American, diet and all, than these two. With some more sensible choices--more raw honey, etc--you can eat plenty of sweets after you have fed your gut guys every day, if you just get in the habit of adding a little roughage with even sugar--preferably turbinado, something not refined to death--to your sugar habit. Eat six "sugar pea" pods first, or find other roughage you can stomach. Severely limit pre-sweetened soda. Go get one of those hundred dollar soda machines for $20 at a resale store, and make your own soda. 10-20% the sugar of a pre-sweetened soda makes a great soda (plus, you can charge your own cherry-limeade in the summer).

Find some kind of probiotic whatever for morning, Yukult (TM) or whatever, switch it up, and eat alittle something pickled or fermented for lunch; the sugar-pea pods stuffed in old pickle juice is awesome. Or drink a kombucha or some kefir, not the grocery store crap, loaded with sugar though. If you get in the habit of feeding your gut guys first, early, you can get away with some sweets at night.

  1. Address deficiencies. There are others, besides these, that a good whole-food supplement such as Greens Today, Original, or a similar product, might address, but pay particular attention to these, as they are essential for good immunity, and also vitality; seek nutritional sources.

#  If you are currently on prescriptions.

You are going to begin to understand why, if you commit yourself to doing those first two things right. Review the side effects information for each of your prescriptions and decide if that's where you want to go, in light of what should be quite impressive early results here. Consider "May cause constipation" particularly troubling, requiring extra roughage and oil to offset.

<BR><BR>Addressing just these two major problems, above, have been known to get people free of insulin and virtually every other prescription; and in fact, Omega 3 is a better, more natural blood thinner, also, than your prescription, which was designed to partially offset your critical lack of Omega 3, and they should not be taken together. You will find that you should not need even most or all heart meds after a year or so.

Consult with your doctor, if you are on any prescriptions, before fasting or beginning Omega 3.

== Warnings ==

*If you get heart palpitations at first, don't worry, they are normal. Notice they don't hurt or anything, they are just freaky. Your body must have Omega 3 to form healthy cell walls, and you, on a typical American diet, have not seen an Omega 3 in years. In seven years, you are going to be a new person, able to consume 3 or 4 servings a day of Omega 3 from natural sources, food, instead of supplements, which are "spiked" with fake Omega 3.

*Avoid supplements, unless there is no choice. These are a poor way to get desired nutrients; isolated from their accompanying chemically active compounds. D3 is not the same as Vitamin D, with all of the analogs, in a protein matrix, natural protein, in eggs or whatever, or in a vegetarian source of Vitamin D.